UPDATE: 2020 Summer Camp and Covid

   According to the North Carolina Executive Order Number 138, Section 4, Part D, day camps may operate and use the swimming pool while following strict CDC guidelines. 

   Camp Ridgewood 2020 will begin on June 15th.
   We have been busy restructuring camp so that we maximize social distancing while keeping a full schedule of activities. All of our changes and safety measures are listed below.

   All staff members will be screened and have their temperatures taken every shift.
   All campers will have their temperatures taken upon arrival as well as make sure they are symptom free.
   Masks will be provided for all staff when social distancing cannot be maintained.
   Groups will be limited to 10 campers.
   Campers will wash hands between all activities.

   All campers will be dropped off at the curb and no parents will be allowed in the clubhouse. We will take their temperature and confirm with the parent that there have been no fever reducers and no COVID 19 symptoms. Once this has been confirmed, we will take them inside to wash their hands and start our day.

   At the end of the day, please call or text Amy Payne and let us know who you are here to pick up. We will pack them up and bring them out to the car for you.

   With social distancing, comes a modified schedule. This schedule was created to maximize camper safety while still maintaining small groups of 10 campers. Campers will wash hands between all activities and stay with the same group throughout the week to minimize outside contact.

   8:30 - 9:00 Arrival
   9:00 - 10:45 Swimming
   10:45 - 11:30 Change, Snack, Icebreaker
   11:30 - 1:00 Morning Rotations (Tennis, Outdoor Game, Lunch)
   1:00 - 4:00 Afternoon Rotations (Craft, Swim, Field Game)
   4:00 - 4:30 Snack
   4:30 - 5:30 Pack Up and Free Play

   NO LUNCH OR SNACKS WILL BE PROVIDED THIS SUMMER. Campers must bring their own lunches, drinks, and snacks.

   ONLY SPRAY SUNSCREEN AND FACE STICKS will be allowed at camp this summer. Counselors will not be able to apply lotion sunscreen to campers due to safety concerns. Please make sure campers are wearing sunscreen when they arrive in the morning. We will reapply throughout the day.

COVID-19 Information

Below you will find the most up-to-date information regarding the club and the COVID-19 pandemic. Please email manager@ridgewoodswimtennis.com with any further questions. 

   May 19, 2020 Update

   Pool Check in:

  • Members will have to wait at the marked spots going down the steps on the side of the building.
  • The entrance will be one way, with the gate under the stairs as the exit spot from the pool.
  • If someone has to roll something or cannot go up or down stairs due to a physical issue, we will clear the elevator/ramp for their use.
  • Members will not be able to enter and exit the pool as they have in the past (to go to playground, tennis courts, field, etc.). We will ask that members stay on site until they are ready to leave (the exception to this rule is going up to the parking lot to pick up food if it is delivered.)
  • Food delivery drivers will not be allowed on the pool deck.
  • If people are in line before opening, the manager will go through and check them off the list to hasten entrance as much as possible. 
  • At check-in, members will stop at marked spot to give name and membership number to check in staff.
  • Check in staff will confirm that each individual is allowed for that day/time. If not, the member will be  asked to step aside and wait in a designated area for their swim time.
  • Check in staff will confirm that the member and member's family have not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and is symptom free through an asked question.
  • Any member who shows any symptoms of COVID-19 will be required to leave immediately and may not return until they are symptom free for 14 days or have had a test that came back negative.


   Staff will be checked for symptoms and have their temperature taken at the beginning of each shift.

   To ensure maximum pool space for social distancing during open swim times the lap lane rope will be    removed from the pool. This means that lap swim can only take place at the beginning of the day. More information regarding early morning lap swim will be released at a later date.

   Once member is on the pool deck, they will do as they normally do, find a seat and go about
enjoying the pool. We do ask that members bring as little with them as possible to maximize
pool space. Members also need to be aware that lost and found is not going to exist this
summer, anything that is left behind will be thrown away. Members are also asked to wear a mask
whenever social distancing is not possible (entering and exiting the pool and using the bathroom
being the three circumstances where it is most important).

   Pool furniture may not be moved; groups may not combine.

   The Snack Shack and diving board are all marked for social distancing.

   The Snack Shack will only serve pre-packaged food. More information will be released later concerning the opening of the grill. As always, you can bring your own food and beverages on the pool deck.

   There will not be a ten-minute swim break each hour and therefore no adult swim while group limits are in place. The pool will not be cleared until the group period is over, 20 minutes prior to the next group arriving. We request that members be off the deck within 10 minutes of the pool clear whistle to allow for cleaning time.

   The staff will clean the following:
• Tables wiped down (as people leave)
• Backs and arms of chairs wiped down (as people leave)
• Bathrooms fully cleaned (every half hour and every group change)

   Members are asked to only use the pool house bathrooms if they have need. (Please note: they cannot be used to change, the indoor showers and locker rooms will be closed, and all non-essential use of the bathrooms will be prohibited.) We will have the antibacterial wipes up and signs asking people to wipe down surfaces after they touch them.


• Members need to observe social distancing with the staff and stay at least 6 ft from them.
(Guards will perform saves as needed and then it will be recorded both for the safety log
and to recognize when social distancing had to be violated.)

• Staff and lifeguards will wear masks while on duty. Lifeguards may choose if they want
masks or not while on stand, but while they are down they will wear a mask.

• Additional staff will be scheduled to specifically help with cleaning and social distancing

   When one group leaves: The staff will clean as people go, asking everyone to clear the pool. We plan to remind members via announcement for the first few weeks of this process until it has become normal
procedure for everyone. The staff will reset as quickly as possible and then be ready for the next
group by their start time.

   For our senior members, we will have a special designated swim time throughout the week.

   Special considerations:

   Memorial Day: This year if the pool is able to be open for memorial day, nothing special will be
occurring; the schedule will run as normal with the groups that are allowed that day being the
ones who can attend. We hope that as the summer goes on we will be able to find ways to
celebrate the other holidays with special games or events, but need to better assess everything
before we can make those plans.
   July 4th and Labor Day: will be assessed as we get closer.
   Thunder: Members will be allowed to stay on deck for thunder as they have in the past but will
be required to observe social distancing. If staff are available, they will go around and take
orders from members who want something from the snack bar to avoid a long line. Staff will
wear appropriate PPE and will change gloves in between orders.
   Lightning: Deck will be cleared; members may wait in their cars if they so desire but cannot wait
on the porch or in the clubhouse due to social distancing rules.

   Specifics on group schedules will be sent out as soon as the NC government specifies the criteria we will operate under.