Pee Wee Clinic (Ages 5-7 Red Ball)

Tuesday and Thursday 3:45-4:30pm
This introductory clinic focuses on basic motor skills, hand-eye coordination and stroke fundamentals. Low compression red balls are used.

Futures 1 Clinic (Ages 7-13 Orange Ball)

Monday through Thursday 4:30-5:30pm
This clinic focuses on proper grips, technique, footwork, scorekeeping, and tactics, with an emphasis on serve and return for singles and doubles. Low compression orange balls are used.

Futures 2 Clinic (Ages 10-13 Green Ball)

Monday through Thursday 5:30-6:30pm
Students in this clinic have a general understanding of singles and doubles and can rally on a full court. The use of spins and related tactics and strategy is further developed. Some match experience is preferred and will be encouraged.

Saturday Play Day with Peter                                                  

Saturday 11:00-12:30PM - $5
We are very excited to announce the addition of a Saturday Play Day. This is open to all Futures 1 and 2 players. Players are coached in singles and doubles matches, and live ball games. This is a chance to rehearse and apply stroke and strategy fundamentals in competition, with goals and feedback.

High School Workout Clinic with Kevin

Saturday's 11-12:30PM - $10

This clinic will be for the more skilled and advanced player. Look for a high energy clinic that includes a warm up, agility and alot of live ball points on two courts!

Greensboro Junior Fall Tennis Ladder

Friday 4:30-6pm Starting September 1

This is a great way for juniors to get match play experience against players from other area clubs. Matches are singles only, with each player trying to win as many games as they can in 3 different matches, lasting 20-25 min each. Please visit for more information, or contact Peter in the proshop. 

Junior Punch Card Clinic Savings

Ridgewood Tennis prefers that our members utilize our punch card system.
Each card holds five (5) 1 hour clinics. Cost: $50...a $25 savings!
Or pay a $15 per clinic Drop-In Fee
Punch cards cannot be used for Saturday Play Day.

Junior Tennis.

Our kids have fun picking up a sport that lasts a lifetime! They learn the fundamentals of stroke development and footwork in a kid friendly environment.

Junior Group Tennis ​Fall 2017

​August 29 - October 29