Single Lesson: $25/member    $35/non-member

Package of 4: $75/member    $120/non-member

Package of 8: $150/member    $240/non-member

Swim Lessons

Our qualified swim instructors teach everything from water exploration to stroke fundamentals and technique. There is something for every level of swimmer!

Private Swim Lessons

Infant/Toddler Classes

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

9:00-9:30AM or 5:30-6:00PM

For children who are ready to learn swimming skills in a group setting. Children will begin basic water exploration. The goal is for the child to become comfortable in the water and to learn basic swim skills such as blowing bubbles, going under water, bobbing, assisted floating and movement. The cost is $65/child per session.

Level I Classes

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

9:30-10:00AM or 6:00-6:30PM

Children will learn fundamentals of swimming and forward movement in the water. Children will work on unassisted floating, gliding, flutter kicks, front crawl, retrieving objects, and jumping into water over their head. Children should already be comfortable in the water & be able to submerge their head. The cost is $75/child per session.

Level II Classes

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
9:30-10:00AM or 6:00-6:30PM

Combine basic skills to strengthen independent movement in the water while learning freestyle and backstroke. Begin treading water, jumping into deep water, fundamentals of diving and breaststroke. Children should be able to swim front crawl and be comfortable floating. The cost is $75/child per session.

Class Sessions
Session 1: ​June 19-June 30  
Session 2: ​July 10-July 21
Session 3: July 24-August 4
Session 4: August 7-August 18

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