Please join us in thanking Wendy Messer and Haley Miller for volunteering to run the Ridgewood Riptide Swim Team this year. They are ready to kickstart the upcoming season!

Join the Ridgewood Riptide Swim Team
Joining a swim team can give kids many benefits and be incredibly rewarding. It gives them the chance to be part of a team, build camaraderie, improve skills, get consistent physical activity, set and strive for goals, and have a lot of fun! We know the kids, coaches and the parents are missing each other! Being on a swim team is an individual and a team sport. The swim team will teach your child confidence, motivation, and perseverance. Swimming competitively is hard work and lots of fun and will give your child wonderful lifelong memories. If you are interested in signing your child(ren) up for the Ridgewood Riptides, please email Wendy or Haley.

Volunteer to Help the Ridgewood Riptide
The Ridgewood Riptide is run on volunteers — swim meets require a large volunteer staff. A commitment from the families of the swimmers is essential to make the swim season as smooth and fair as possible. All skills are welcome – there are jobs before, during, and after the meets. All families are needed to volunteer during the season and each family should plan to volunteer throughout the season. Our volunteer coordinators are creative and will work with you to ensure you can volunteer. Look for more information to be posted soon on the Ridgewood website.

Fundraising to Help the Ridgewood Riptide
Haley and Wendy have come up with great ideas to start raising funds early this year. One way is by shopping with Amazon Smile (Wendy and Haley are in the process of setting this up). The Riptide will also host events for the kids at the club where 100% of the money will go to the swim team (movie nights, pizza & game parties, etc)

It is going to be a great Riptide swim season in 2024 under the leadership of Wendy and Haley! If you have any questions regarding the volunteer jobs or official positions, please do not hesitate to contact them.

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The Ridgewood Riptides is our Parent Operated Competition Swim Team that is open to kids of all ages!

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